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Protection Technology

Hewitt Clarke Services, Inc. provides world-class, simple-to-use technology for excavators to organize and protect your business and reputation.

Core Features

Hewitt Clarke Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive solution to documenting field work and retrieving that information in the back-office.

– By contractors, for contractors
– Integrated one-call Ticket Management System (TMS)
– Mobile app for documenting work
– Brilliant back-office retrieval
– Timely Ticket Tracker (future release)
– Hyper-secure

Our customers capture great field documentation and all the benefits that come with it, along with that extra assurance to work without undue worry about unfair accusations of poor or mismanaged work.

Construction Yearbook

Our Construction Yearbook software application is a comprehensive construction documentation control program for documenting job sites, installations, events and inspections. This simple-to-use suite is a powerful field documentation tool, coupled together with the finest technology for retrieving the information in the back-office.

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“Everything at your fingertips” is our motto. Most of our customers have struggled in the past to instantly retrieve site documentation. Construction Yearbook is powerful technology which puts everything at your fingertips, providing you with a key competitive edge. Hyper-secure and instantly accessible.

Tag one picture, video, voice recording, or file with a job number and Construction Yearbook figures out every related item by matching locations, users, dates and times.

HCS mobile app

Good construction documentation depends on your field staff. If your company wants good documentation, then it has to come from the field teams. The HCS mobile app, HCSapp, makes it incredibly easy for your field staff to preserve and record the job conditions as you go. The result: a complete and transparent record of a job, enabling you to meet any subsequent questions with complete and unquestionable data.

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HCSapp makes it incredibly easy for your field staff to preserve and record the job as they go. Pictures, videos, voice recordings, documents.

Pre-site pictures, installation documentation, locate marks, one-call tickets, downtime, pot-holes, site preservation photos and videos…capture it all. Everything can be tagged in the field with attributes, and most items are automatically tagged with no user interaction.

Works on all devices; With or without an internet connection; Multiple languages

One-Call TMS

HCS software simplifies the cumbersome task of tracking one-call tickets, their expirations and renewals. Simply add an email address to your one-call notifications, and the HCS software will organize your tickets electronically for shared access. No more spreadsheets, bulletin boards or lengthy cascading emails. 

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Managing tickets can be a complex burden and the stakes of doing it right have never been higher. Margins get squeezed or evaporate all together when downtime and idle time result from a misstep in the one-call ticket process. HCS software organizes one-call tickets, which minimizes the opportunity for downtime or idle time and slashes the cost to babysit the complex process.

Every excavator detests late responses from infrastructure locate and mark. It disrupts the business and can create risks to the excavator’s staff. HCS will be incorporating a Timely Ticket Tracker™ in a future release, to aid contractors with accurate data about the frequency with which locate and mark is not completed in a timely fashion.

About Us

Hewitt Clarke Services, Inc. is a US-based company, committed to solving real-world challenges for contractors through technology. The company was founded by an experienced team of people in the excavation, contracting, and software industries. We understand the importance of accurate and accessible documentation, and the challenges associated with getting it from our field staff without slowing progress on the job. We understand how challenging it is to quickly and efficiently retrieve that information months or even years later. Our Construction Yearbook software, included with every subscription, solves that challenge.

We believe in making superb technology available to contractors at an affordable price. Organization and great field documentation are the foundation of profitability, and also the key ingredient in making your business bullet proof against unfair and unjust claims for damage.  

We are located near Los Angeles, California and can be reached by email at or by phone at 657-210-1750.

Join the Pilot Program

We are currently selecting a limited number of customers for our invitation-only Pilot Program. There is no charge to participate, although we will ask for your assistance in developing the product roadmap. The benefits to your company include being able to directly influence the solution, and an extended preview of the solution to decide if it fits your business.

If you have an interest in obtaining a solution for your business, and a desire to help tailor it to your needs, please submit the contact form and we will phone you promptly to discuss participation in the Pilot Program. 

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